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Killer Startups – Making Healthcare Accessible


Healthcare is a big issue no matter in which side of the fence you stay. As an employer, you have to look after the safety of your workforce. As an employee, you have the right to demand the best protection, but being entitled to that and actually making it all happen in real life are entirely different things. There seems to be no easy way out, for the mere reason that the issue is anything but easy in itself. However, solutions like this one definitely make everything easier on individuals.

Named cure Together, this nifty application will let you manage most aspects of you health by allowing you to keep track of how you are feeling over time. You can set down your symptoms when you are not feeling that well, and you can see how you have progressed over time. You can then choose a treatment that could work out for you, mainly by having the app look at which treatments are proving to be more effective to other users. The site is actually sustained by a strong social backbone, since users can connect directly with people who share their same conditions and arrive at the right cure by leveraging their knowledge. And once a more successful treatment is found it will eventually be popularized and highlighted as it was just mentioned.

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