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CureTogether: Comparing, Tracking & Managing Your Health Online

Crowd wisdom is a great resource to know more about your health issues. While it should never replace professional advice, it never hurts to learn from the experiences of other people. CureTogether is a health research website that can help you diagnose a medical condition or find an effective treatment using statistics inputted by other users. You can also use the website to track your progress when trying out specific treatments.

managing your health

manage your health

The initial step in using CureTogether is searching for a particular symptom, condition or a treatment. The website will then display medical conditions that are related to your search query. Clicking on a condition will show classical symptoms as well as other related symptoms based on the input of users that experience the same condition. The site also displays the highest rated treatments, treatments with mixed effects, possible causes and other related medical conditions. You can also add data to the website by completing a survey related to your condition.

comparing your health

CureTogether is a very useful website for quickly finding data related to your condition. This tool should help you make better decisions about your health.


  • Helps you self-diagnose medical conditions.
  • Search by condition, symptom or treatment.
  • Find other possible treatments for your condition.
  • Information is based on user input.
  • Track your progress using health measures.
  • Information should not be used to diagnose yourself.
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