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The Calculist (Hebrew)

Generation Q

Millions of young people up to date documentation already indulged in their everyday’s endless – from hours of sleep, food composition through the moments when excited to anger. They raise the data network using new technologies translate their numerical reports. The goal: to make an upgraded version of themselves

Reuters says the “threshold” Alexandra Carmichael, is one of the first surfers who self-documentation of a long, raised their findings Abmchmatim Internet and inspired others. “Last year I documented every day of 40 different parameters in my life: sleep, weighing morning caloric intake, mood, sex, exercise, time I spend at work and time I spend with the kids and the weather. Achsneitahti the data I found lots of things. I discovered, for example, my mood sky-high when I exercise or do tai chi, and fall days when did you take a lot of calories. Everything appeared before my eyes in the tables

When he published online the reports that I created for my life I was afraid at first exposure, but I did some of my work with myself, my self-confidence touches my body image,” Carmichael continued. “I was surprised about it graphs published made, the amount of visitors interested in the history of my calorie intake. I concluded that really nosy people looking for an estimate to compare to it themselves, get their perspective on life. So the idea of the site. “

Carmichael founded the, find that the rise was crowned by the Wall Street Journal “a revolutionary venture, won a line coverage of medical journals and Magazines Health. Site users raise their medical records data, compare themselves suffering from average among similar to theirs, and rely on medical histories in order to formulate decisions about treatments. Sensitive information on an individual basis – but anonymous; statistics Personal documentation faceless names. “Business Week described him with the rise to an example of how the Internet helps to transfer the knowledge and power to the hospital the medical establishment, and futurist Ray Kurzweil gave him an article in situ, in which he wrote that he thought the self-documentation of life and sharing them continuous information flow will be the next step in the development of social networking…

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