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Crowdsourcing helps patients find quantitative realworld data on ailments

November 14th, 2010 Crowdsourcing news by Kristen Tony Kristen Tony

CureTogether, a crowdsourcing venture, attempts to bring relief to thousands of ailing patients through its community forum, that discusses symptoms and diagnosis and offer helpful suggestions to help patients battle their disease.

Achieving wellness with the help of crowdsourced data

In an interview with Cherry News, Alexandra Carmichael, founder of CureTogether spoke on the global impact of CureTogether in changing lives, finding correlations between disorders and helping patients self-track their progress.

This site, a brainchild of Alexandra Carmichael, was launched when she finally found a cure to her chronic vulvodynia after 10 long years. Wanting to share her release from the chronic vulvar pain with other women suffering from the same problem, Alexandra started CureTogether on an experimental basis, initially detailing symptoms and treatment on vulvodynia, migraine and endometriosis. Her notes explained which of the treatments worked best for her, offering solace and remedy to those affected by the same ailment.

Her site drew instant attention among the community of long time sufferers who flooded her with requests to be able to post their ailments on the site and get suggestions on the best possible way to combat the onslaught of their disease. The site soon turned out to be a treasure trove of information as many people wrote in their experiences with a medical problem and the various treatment modes tried out by them.

Among other things, CureTogether offers solace to the thousands of people suffering from an embarrassing condition, who find it difficult to discuss their ailments in public. It also aims to assist those suffering from underfunded diseases such as depression, migraine, vulvodynia аnd chronic exhaustion syndrome, which do not figure as major diseases warranting enough investment into finding a cure.

CureTogether is different from other medical forum sites, which focuses mainly on expert information, whereas CureTogether uses crowdsourced quantitative data from actual sufferers of an ailment, offering the world’s largest real world data, to online patients. The site has also made inroads in co-morbidities, i.e. how a person suffering from one ailment may be prone to another related disorder, while also helping pharmaceutical companies find patients for clinical trials.

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