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Ongoing Studies

CureTogether was almost born as “Patient-Driven Research” (but the URL was too long).

Bringing patients into research as active partners is one of our big missions at CureTogether.

Partnering with universities, research organizations, and self-experimenters will help us to make new discoveries and connections faster, ask better questions about patient data, and validate that online methods for data gathering are effective for research purposes.

Here are the studies and partnerships we have so far:

Carnegie Mellon University
Kateryna Kuksenok and Jen Mankoff
Dynamic filtering visualization of CureTogether data (in progress)

Cornell University

Anthony Chen, Jeff Clune, and Hod Lipson
Personal scientists project (in progress)

Drexel University

Will Dampier
Building an adaptive recommendation system for treatments (in progress)

Emory University

Adam Sperduto and Suephy Chen
Feasibility and Reliability of Internet Crowdsourcing Data Collection with Dermatologic Quality of Life Assessment Tools

MIT Media Laboratory
Ian Eslick
Collective self-experimentation and recommendations (in progress)

Stanford University
Diana MacLean and Jeff Heer
Analysis and visualization of community dynamics and data over time (in progress)

Transparency Life Sciences
Tomasz Sablinski
Open Source Clinical Trial on Low-Dose Naltrexone

University of California Davis
April W. Armstrong, MD MPH
Personalized Therapeutics and Evaluation of Treatment Responses in Skin Diseases from Patient-Driven Data (in progress)

Let us know if you have a study we can help with!