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Pelvic Pain matches 3 conditions:

Chronic vulvar discomfort or pain, characterized by burning, stinging, irritation or rawness.

A condition where tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is also found elsewhere in the body, mainly in the abdominal cavity.

Interstitial Cystitis
A chronic, painful, inflammatory condition of the bladder wall characterized by urinary frequency, urgency, pressure and/or pain.

Pelvic Pain matches symptoms of:

Random joint pains; Random muscle pains; Bone pain; Exaggerated & prolonged response to painful stimuli; Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome; Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome; Pelvic Floor Disorder; Chronic Neuropathic Visceral Pain; Pain in feet; Cramping in Feet Severe enough to turn toes under ..very painful.; Nerve pain; neck pain , muscle spasms in shoulders,constant neck pain; Chronic Myofascial Pain; Pain on temples; pain between scapula; blackouts when experiencing pain; neck pain; Pain in legs; Tailbone pain

Lower Back Pain
Pain radiating down leg; Tailbone pain; Pelvic pain; Pain on bending forward; Waking up in pain; Pain in lower right back; Shooting pain; Stabbing pain; Pain on sneezing; Pain in lower left back; Testicular pain; Chronic Myofascial Pain; Myofascial Pain; abdominol pain; night pain; pain; bowel pain; flank pain

Back pain
Lower back striking-electric shock pain; Pain on one side only; Pain; Pain from lower spine radiating down to the ankles; Pain in mid- and upper back; Shoulder pain; Pain between shoulders and elbows; Neck pain; Knee pain; Sudden fainting at onset of pain; Pain in hands and wrists; Abdominal pain; Abdominal pain right side; Hip pain; Heel pain; Pain radiates down one side of the body; Pain in lower leg; Pain in lower back/ pelvic area; Thoracic pain; Back & leg pain caused by symptomatic perineural cysts.; pain on left side

Neurological Problems And Chronic Pain
Leg and foot pain; Chronic pain; Back pain; Flank pain; Urogenital Rectal Pain Syndrome; Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome; Working with arms up causes pain; Bone pain; Muscle pain; Awake with severe pain; Muscles become painful after moving for a short while; Coccyx (tail bone) pain; Pain from back of head through neck to shoulder; Occipital (back, bottom of head) pain; radiating back pain; Pelvic pain; painful throat chakra blockage; Toe pain; Finger pain; Pain in temple; Pain behind eye; painful solar plexus blockage; Severe pain on front of waistline when lying down

Abdominal pain; poor pelvic floor

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
Arm pain; Pelvic pain

Uterine Fibroids
Pelvic pressure or pain; Leg pains; Acute pain; Pain with intercourse

Pain radiating down leg; Pain that worsens with walking; Pain and stiffness in lower back; Pain in thighs; Pain in buttocks; Hip pain; Pain while sneezing; Pain rolling in bed; Pelvic pain; Groin pain; severe pain neck between shoulder blades

Excruciating pain; Increased sensitivity to pain; Pain in hair/scalp; Pain in feet; Muscle pain with extension/stretching; Joint pain; Sharp, electrical pain; Neck pain; Jaw pain; Vaginal discomfort/pain; Shooting pains; Heel pain; Pelvic floor pain; Gland pain; blackouts with pain; periods of semi-consciousness with tingling pain; extreme motor and verbal tics with pain and fatigue; loss of consciousness with tingling electrical pain and pressure; loss of ability to move arms, legs, and whole body, feeling paralysed with pain and tingling; Ear Pain; Wakeful due to pain; Tenderness/Pain Under jaw/throat; Electric shock-like pains in feet, legs

Pelvic pain

Pelvic pain

Interstitial Cystitis
Painful urination; Pelvic pain; Bladder pain; Urethra pain; Severe knife-like pain in vagina; Testicular pain; Clitoral Pain

Pain; Knife-like pelvic pain during menstruation; Pain during intercourse; Lower back pain; Pain shooting down leg

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
Painful intercourse; Pelvic organ prolapse; Pelvic pain

Prostate Cancer
Pain with urination; Lower back pain; Discomfort in pelvic area; Bone pain

Cervical Cancer
Pelvic pain; Pain during intercourse

Occult Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome
Leg pain; Lower back pain; Tail bone pain; Pain in feet; Numbness in pelvic area; Stinging/burning pain in lower extremities

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome
Pelvic pain; Si joint pain; Pain worse when sitting; Pain when urinating; Stabbing pain in hip; Gas pains; Chest pains; Pain worse after standing; Pain with intercourse; Pain with tampons; Lower back pain; Pain with pressure and movement

Pain during periods; Dyspareunia (pain during sex); Pelvic Floor Dysfunction; Pelvic Congestion Syndrome; Pain all the time; Back Pain; Pain that radiates down the leg; Pain with urination; Chest Pain; Hip pain; Lower back pain; Pain in ovaries; Deep breathing pain; Painful ovulation; Feeling of pain like a knife up the bottom; Pain/cramping under ribs; Mid-cycle pain; Cognitive impairment during pain; Stabbing knife pain in gut; Painful bowel movements during menses; Pain under ribcage referring into shoulder

Pain; Stabbing pain; Pain only on contact; Generalized pain in vaginal area (contact or not); Clitoral pain; Shooting pain upward inside the vagina; Nerve-like pain; Pain worst before period; Pain during sex; Buzzing sensation like vibrations in pelvic area; Pain when sitting; Pain worst after period; Pain during period; Pain since childhood; Dysmenhorrea (painful periods); Painful urination after sex; Pain with arousal; Nerve-like pain radiating down legs; Pain after intercourse; Pain along labia minora; Tingling sensation in pelvic area; Constant pain, 24 hours a day; Pain extends down one leg to the knee; Pain in rectal area; Vibrating, stabbing pain in urethra area; Pelvic floor feels twisted in knots; Pain in pubic bone; Levitator Ani pain; Obturator internus pain; joint pain; increased pain with anxiety or stress; Knife like pain; cutting pain; feeling of heaviness in pelvic area; unable to use tampons due to pain; swollen and painful after intercourse; Inner thigh pain/burning

Multiple Myeloma
Back pain; Pelvic pain; Rib pain; Skull pain

Uterine Cancer
Pelvic pain; Pain during intercourse

Vaginal Cancer
Pain during sexual intercourse; Pain in the pelvic area

Fallopian Tube Cancer
Pain; Pelvic mass