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Nizoral shampoo
Clobetnasol & Salicylic acid
Swimming in Sea Water
Kelual DS
TheraNeem Shampoo
Coconut Oil
Sweet almond oil treatment on scalp
Shampoo with tar, Salicylic, undecylinic acid
No added sugar, carbohydrate restricted diet
Cider vinegar applied to scalp
Gluten-free diet
Neem Oil Applied directly or in shampoo
Water softener
Sulfur 8
Alphosyl shampoo
Better diet
Head and shoulders shampoo
T-gel shampoo
Sunlight exposure
Phosphate-free shampoo
Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)
Yogurt in Hair
Tea tree oil in shampoo or directly on scalp
Use comb/brush to remove flakes when washing
Daily sweat-producing exercise
Omega 3 fatty acid supplements
Vitamin D supplements
No shampoo

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