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The CureTogether Guide to Depression, 2010 Edition (PDF EBook)

How to Find a Treatment That Works: Research Results and Practical Advice

13 pages - proceeds support Depression research at CureTogether.


The Story

Health books are usually written by experts who offer authoritative information about conditions, symptoms and treatments - people who usually don't live with the condition themselves, but nevertheless tell you what you should do because they know best.

This book is different. It's based on the real-world experiences of patients. Our approach is not to tell you what to do, but to give you the hard data and the education to help you make your own decisions - to manage your own health. It's not about doing it alone. It's about taking control of the process and becoming the primary decision maker when it comes to your health.

What's Inside

  • Do You Have Depression? How To Find Out
  • Getting Diagnosed - What Tests Are Available?
  • Feeling Better - How To Find a Treatment That Works
  • Taking Action - How To Run a Successful Self-Experiment
  • Are You Biased? How To Make The Right Decisions
  • The Numbers - What Patients Have Discovered About Depression
  • Bleeding-Edge Research - Top 5 Breakthroughs From Scientists Around the World

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