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What do you think causes (or caused) your Endometriosis or makes it worse? For each cause or trigger listed below, check Y or N to indicate whether you think it either causes, caused or triggers your Endometriosis or makes it worse. Your responses are saved automatically.

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Retrograde menstruation Y | N
Hormone Imbalance Y | N
After pregnancy Y | N
Coming off birth control Y | N
D&C, Cone, LEEP surgery Y | N
Genetics Y | N
Elevated estrogen levels Y | N
Weak immune system Y | N
High Fructose Corn Syrup in foods/drinks Y | N
Allergic reactions to foods Y | N
Alcohol Y | N
Red meats Y | N
Caffeine Y | N
Dairy products Y | N
Burst appendix Y | N
Miscarriage drug given to mother when pregnant Y | N
Sugar Y | N
Surgical scarring Y | N
Hormonal allergies Y | N
Lyme Disease Y | N
Dioxins Y | N
Birth defect of uterus causing back flow menses Y | N
Retroverted uterus Y | N
Trauma Y | N
Soy Y | N
Tampons Y | N
Smoking (cigarettes) Y | N
Xenoestrogens (industrially made compounds that disrupt endrocrine system) Y | N
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) Y | N
Emotional stress Y | N
Physical stress Y | N
Botched laparoscopic surgery Y | N
Lupron Y | N
Tubal Ligation Y | N
Virus/ HPV Y | N
Miscarriage Y | N
Started with first period Y | N
Accutane Y | N
Cesarean Section Y | N
Intercourse during menses Y | N
Change in hormonal birth control method Y | N
Never having given birth Y | N
Family history Y | N
Pelvic infection Y | N
Celiac Disease Y | N
Diet pills and diuretics Y | N
Gluten Intolerance Y | N
Iodine deficiency Y | N
Undiagnosed hashimoto's or Hypothyroidism Y | N
Use of Birth Control Pills / Synthetic Hormones Y | N
Mercury fillings Y | N

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