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Hmmm...casting spells sounds dubious. And if he's a Prince, I know people he owes money too. lol...

Anyways, I've come back to share a website I just found out about that everyone who visits this page should check out. I haven't gone through the treatment yet myself but am planning on doing so here in the near future. However there's a forum on the site of HCV cured individuals who share their experiences. The website's a Buyer's Club run by an Australian doctor who had HCV and helps those in need get a new treatment in generic form that cures with roughly 90% success rate and is a fraction of what the scalping big pharma prices are.

Also, I you haven't seen it yet, watch the movie Dallas Buyer's Club to get a better idea of what a Buyer's Club is or Google HCV Buyer's Club and read the ABC and other major news outlet articles on it. Much love.


Its very unfortunate that there is still no orthodox cure for this virus only an Antiretroviral drug for substance and this is why i have taken the time and pain to referred patient living with this virus to the alternative method which i took that made me a free Hiv person since 2014 till date. There's a Traditional doctor from Nigeria whom i was referred to by a friend of mine who was living with cancer of the breast and was cured by this GREAT TRADITIONALIST. He has a special way of preparing his medicine to cleanse the blood and body from any form of infection and he is also good at casting of spell for broken relationship and spiritual problems. contact him for help on this details:
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He is an elderly man and understands so feel free to relate your problems to him. Thanks Admin for this opportunity God bless.

Went from 4.4mm viral count to a 98k count in 4 months with: ~7 hrs rest/night, diet with no dairy, gluten or eggs; low dose glutamine in the a.m. (1/8 tsp); green smoothie every a.m., cycle full bottle on/off "liver maintenance formula" & "liver G.I. detox", superbio tocotrienols, NAC, black elderberry syrup, detoxadine (learned to not take at same time as glutamine), lifepack nano, gac fruitjuice, green tea, apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon & lime juice, zeoforce powder, & moderate exercise (1x yoga, 1x run, 1x full body workout/ week) [all doses were low to moderate, nothing extreme]

ALA (Alpha-Lipoic Acid) lowered made a huge decrease in my viral load. From 500,000 IU/ml to 6,000 IU/ml. That is almost a 2 log decrease.
During the same period I've made a change in my diet to the slow carb diet. So I can't just tell that ALA was the single factor.

Re: Milk thistle — no side effects

Re: Milk thistle — I trust milk thistle and wouldn't go without it. no side effects

Re: Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) — no side effects.

Re: Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) — LDN lowered my viral load to more than half

Re: Acid reflux — lots of belching. feels like pills get stuck in the throat/esophagus. after big meals or eating close to bed

Re: Acid reflux — acid reflux like hiatal hernia and difficulty swallowing..feels like pills get stuck in throat

Re: Joint pain — I used to have severe symptoms of my hepC. Then I changed my diet and lifestyle and stopped drinking alcohol. After that my symptoms pretty much stopped. I manage my stress levels as much as I can and try hard to get enough sleep. Now I rarely get any symptoms.