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Knee Pain (7,506 members)


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symptommember ratings (num votes)
Dull ache in the knee
Pain when the affected leg is bearing weight
Sharp pain in the knee
Pain when straightening leg after sitting
Pain descending stairs
Pain during/after running
Pain when the affected leg is NOT bearing weight
Both knees affected
Pain while climbing stairs
Grinding feeling
Pain long walks
Pain while bicycling
Impaired sleep because of pain
Bruised feeling on inside of leg
Ache when raining
Pain when kneecap tightened
Pain radiating on front or inside of leg
Forehead pain
Buckling when walking
Stabbing pains when still
Dolor en Rodillas estan quieto y mejora al caminar
Dolor leve estando quieto
Inability to bend knee
Pain in elbows and hands
Fluid filled sack in the knee
Pain radiating on back or outside of leg
Miniscus tear
Shin pain
Throbbing in the lower knee
Knee cap slipping around
Inability to straighten leg
Social antipathy
Back of knees ache only when standing
Throbbing from knees to feet
ACL tear
Symptoms of Paroxysmal Pseudogout

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