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i read a dutch article than Kalium reduction in the food, might be helpfull.

The author claims to have reduced the symptoms by drinking at least 2 liters of water daily and by avoiding kalium rich food like tomatoes, potatoes, beans etc..

I agree with this post regarding diuretics. Also, consider that many diuretics deplete CoQ10. All of my major MMD attacks have been triggered from dehydration and anxiety.

I've read that drinking a ton of water in a day actually helps your inner ear and I've found this to work better than taking diuretics! When you start becoming dehydrated, your body will start trying to hold onto the water that is left for functioning. Instead of taking diuretics, try drinking more water every day to prevent your body from holding onto the excess water. You should take your body weight, cut it in half and that's the minimum amount of water in ounces you should have every day (150 lb person should drink a min. 75 oz a day). Give it a try and see if it helps! When you've tried everything else like I have, it's worth a shot!