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Over-the-counter medications and supplements (2) Tried it?How effective?
Arch support pads Y | N Rating Saved
Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) Y | N Rating Saved
Prescription drugs (1) Tried it?How effective?
Steroid injections Y | N Rating Saved
Surgical (3) Tried it?How effective?
Cryogenic neuroablation Y | N Rating Saved
Decompression surgery Y | N Rating Saved
Removal of the nerve Y | N Rating Saved
Lifestyle / dietary changes and home remedies (5) Tried it?How effective?
Massage with ice Y | N Rating Saved
Avoid heels or tight shoes Y | N Rating Saved
Take a break from high-impact activities Y | N Rating Saved
Wear shoes that separate toes Y | N Rating Saved
Foot and toe exercises to strengthen feet Y | N Rating Saved

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