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What do you think causes (or caused) your Neuropathy or makes it worse? For each cause or trigger listed below, check Y or N to indicate whether you think it either causes, caused or triggers your Neuropathy or makes it worse. Your responses are saved automatically.

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Uncategorized (37)
Diabetes Y | N
Foot pain Y | N
Chemotherapy Y | N
Multiple Sclerosis Y | N
Legs crushed in accident Y | N
Mirena IUD Y | N
Muscle spasms Y | N
Genetic Y | N
Spinal Cord Injury Y | N
Chronic pain related to underlying condition Y | N
Endometriosis Y | N
Disc herniation and nerve impingement Y | N
Scoliosis and other structural problems in spine Y | N
Constipation and related muscle spasm Y | N
Idiopathic (no known cause) Y | N
Neuroendocrine disorder Y | N
CFS / ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalopathy) Y | N
Myasthenia Gravis Y | N
Prolonged exposure to high blood sugar (glucose) Y | N
Inflammation in the nerves caused by an autoimmune response Y | N
Smoking Y | N
Alcohol Y | N
Kidney Disease Y | N
Charcot-Marie-Tooth Y | N
Gunshot wound - localized physical trauma Y | N
Neurofibroma Y | N
Shingles Y | N
EDS-Hypermobility Y | N
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Y | N
B12 deficiency Y | N
Sport injury Y | N
Flu vaccine Y | N
Celiac Disease Y | N
Spinal stenosis Y | N
Fluoroquinolone reaction Y | N
pure autonomic failure Y | N
Gluten sensitivity Y | N

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