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Schizoaffective Disorder (5 members)


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What symptoms have you had? Take this survey to get your Schizoaffective Disorder score. For each symptom listed below, check Y or N to indicate whether you have experienced it (and rate its severity if you check Y).

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Uncategorized (16) Had it?How severe?
Strange or unusual thoughts or perceptions Y | N Rating Saved
Paranoid thoughts and ideas Y | N Rating Saved
Delusions — having false, fixed beliefs Y | N Rating Saved
Hallucinations, such as hearing voices Y | N Rating Saved
Unclear or confused thoughts (disorganized thinking) Y | N Rating Saved
Bouts of depression Y | N Rating Saved
Manic mood or a sudden increase in energy and behavioral displays that are out of character Y | N Rating Saved
Irritability and poor temper control Y | N Rating Saved
Thoughts of suicide or homicide Y | N Rating Saved
A speaking style that others sometimes can't follow or understand Y | N Rating Saved
Behavior at extreme ends of the normal spectrum (catatonic behavior) — either appearing to be in a coma-like daze, or talking and behaving in a bizarre, hyperactive way Y | N Rating Saved
Problems with attention and memory Y | N Rating Saved
Lack of concern about hygiene and physical appearance Y | N Rating Saved
Changes in energy and appetite Y | N Rating Saved
Sleep disturbances, such as difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep Y | N Rating Saved
Social isolation Y | N Rating Saved

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