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What symptoms have you had? Take this survey to get your Stuttering score. For each symptom listed below, check Y or N to indicate whether you have experienced it (and rate its severity if you check Y).

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Other (6) Had it?How severe?
Rapid eye blinks Y | N Rating Saved
Tremors of the lips or jaw Y | N Rating Saved
Tension, tightness or movement of the face or upper body Y | N Rating Saved
Difficulty starting a word, sentence or phrase Y | N Rating Saved
Repetition of a sound, syllable or word Y | N Rating Saved
Repetition of a phrase or part of sentence Y | N Rating Saved
Visual (1) Had it?How severe?
Blepharospasm Y | N Rating Saved
Behavioral (2) Had it?How severe?
Avoidance of certain speaking situations Y | N Rating Saved
increase stuttering when someone is impatient at speaking Y | N Rating Saved
Emotional (1) Had it?How severe?
Anxiety or stress preceding social situations Y | N Rating Saved
Circulatory (1) Had it?How severe?
Insufficient breathing Y | N Rating Saved
Physical Functioning (1) Had it?How severe?
Tensed vocal chords Y | N Rating Saved

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