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TMJ Disorder (1,452 members)


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What do you think causes (or caused) your TMJ Disorder or makes it worse? For each cause or trigger listed below, check Y or N to indicate whether you think it either causes, caused or triggers your TMJ Disorder or makes it worse. Your responses are saved automatically.

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Uncategorized (24)
Grinding teeth Y | N
Dehydration Y | N
Age (women in early-mid 30's) Y | N
Oral surgery Y | N
Dental braces Y | N
Trauma Y | N
Stress Y | N
Anxiety Y | N
Other surgery Y | N
Improper dental work Y | N
Misaligned teeth Y | N
Hard food chewing Y | N
Hypermobility Y | N
Musician (needing to play instrument with mouth) Y | N
Trip to dentist Y | N
Distressing news Y | N
Jaw deformities - mandibular retrognathia/micrognathia Y | N
tennis/sports Y | N
Hormones (estrogen or birth control pill) Y | N
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Y | N
auto accident Y | N
Gum Chewing Y | N
Chewing on one side of mouth due to tooth pain on other side Y | N
Excessive Wide Mouth Yawning Y | N

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